Tissue-Tek® Cryo3® Flex

Fully Motorized Microtome/Cryostat

We help your lab deliver superior, standardised results by offering a total solution to cryotomy. Our 3rd generation Deksan Cryo3 Flex is your trusted platform for fast sectioning of frozen specimens.

Precise, reliable performance

Effortlessly and quickly obtain frozen sections with the Tissue-Tek Cryo3 Flex.

Features with your lab in mind

  • Align the specimen quickly with the fine angle adjustment of the 3D Precision Chuck
  • Ensure staff safety by removing exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Transfer the section more securely on to the slide with the anti-roll rake
  • Save time with fast disinfection of the chamber
  • Rapidly clean excess debris from the work area with the dynamic debris removal system
OCT compound
Accu-Edge®Disposable Microtome Blades
OCT compound

OCT compound

Quickly embed fresh tissue specimens, without residue left on the slides from staining

Accu-Edge®Disposable Microtome Blades

Accu-Edge®Disposable Microtome Blades

Section specimens without striations, distortion or chattering with our disposable microtome blades.

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