Continuous Rapid Tissue Processor

Continuous Rapid Tissue Processor

Tissue-Tek Xpress® x120 offers fast and continuous tissue processing with standardised, high-quality results compatible with IHC and molecular pathology.

Automated Tissue Embedding System

Automated Tissue Embedding System

Optimise tissue embedding in your lab with the Tissue-Tek AutoTEC® a120. It enables you to work easier and faster, ensuring you get the best standardised results each and every time.

Automated Tissue Transfer System

Automated Tissue Transfer System

Imagine the possibilities when you load cassettes with grossed tissue into the Tissue-Tek SmartConnect® and unload embedded blocks. Save valuable time and focus on what matters most.

Automated Tissue Staining and Film Coverslipping

Automated Tissue Staining and Film Coverslipping

Delivering quality, speed and reliability to your lab has never been easier with the Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus and Tissue-Tek Film® integrated tissue staining and film coverslipping system.

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the increase in productivity due to a continuous workflow throughout the day


the decrease in turnaround time, enabling your lab to provide faster diagnoses


Minimise your backlogs by moving small volumes throughout the lab all day
Prepare your lab for tomorrow

Why implement SMART Automation

With SMART Automation you attain a higher quality diagnostic process, consistent results and a reduction in rework. Enjoy a more pleasant work atmosphere with increased efficiency and output.

Smart Automation
Automate manual repetitive work

Automate manual
repetitive work

You can focus on expertise matters while the SMART instruments take over repetitive manual work.

The power of continuous flow

The power of
continuous flow

Complete more work with small volumes in a continuous flow, simultaneously at all workstations.

Standardised results

Prisma Plus Stainer and
Film Coverslipping benefits

No variations or deviations. Every result is the same, ensuring faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Employable and high-quality results

Employable and high-
quality results

SMART Automation helps to prevent errors and create a less stressful working environment.

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