Hamamatsu have developed a powerful software to share and manage whole slide images (WSI) across the globe, either as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated enhancement of your current environment.

Browsing environments

NDP.serve3 individually offers the new ability to remotely access and share slides across a network simultaneously, enabling second opinions, MDT meeting preparations, multisite clinical trials, education and training. In addition, access rights to the image database can be managed by ensuring a secure environment is maintained.

Screen synchronization

For use in a conference or educational setting, the content of the presenter’s device can be synchronized and displayed on all participating devices. Any participating device can be a presenter, so they can exchange work with each other.

Handing other formats

NDP.serve 3 has the capability to handle file formats other than digital slides (extension: ndpi) created by non-NanoZoomer series, as well as other formats. The following formats are supported.

  • SVS (Aperio ScanScope Virtual Slide) format
  • SCN (Leica SCN) format
  • MRXS (MIRAX) format
  • CZI (Zeiss) format

Optional function

With NDP.view2 Plus, which is an optional product of NDP.view2, you can also view the data format of slides captured by WSI scanners of other whole slide scanner manufacturers without converting to Hamamatsu’s format. There is no need to convert the data format that suits the environment where the data is shared or provided.

Other features such as the “Count Function” and the Look Up Table (LUT) display are also available. It has a wealth of features to help you make your observations more efficient.

Supported LDAP

You can extract multiple pieces of information registered in the LDAP (Active Directory) and use them in NDP.serve3 (e.g. user ID, full name, email address, etc.).


Automatic classification of barcode information

Text strings can be directly converted from barcode information or converted and registered as meta information in the classification field, making it easy to search/sort the slides in NDP.serve3.



Functionality that creates an invaluable workflow


State-of-the-art imaging technology for high speed and high resolution image capture.


Powerful slide viewer created with elegance and simplicity.


Powerful software share and manage whole slide images (WSI) across the globe, either as a stand-alone solution or as an integrated enhancement to your current workflow.


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