Needle Bushings

Inert Valve and Syringe Fittings

Purchase the proper bushing to connect any Small Hub Removable Needle (RN) or a Hat Needle to a 1/4-28 flat bottom port.

Part #Description
350561/4-28 Bushing for “Hat” Type Needles
350351/4-28 Bushing for small hub Removable Needles (RN)

Compatible Needles

Valve Port Hat Type Needles

Hat type needles are designed to be connected directly to a flat bottom valve port.

Small Hub RN

Small Hub Removable (RN) needles can be used with Removable Needle (RN) syringes that are 100 μL and smaller. Standard needle length is 2" / 51 mm. Removable (RN) needles are available in convenient six packs. Custom lengths and point styles are available.