Microlab 600

Rethink Manual Pipetting

Semi-Automate your Process

Dilute • Dispense • Pipette • Aliquot • Titrate • Serial Dispense

With unmatched versatility, the Microlab 600 is designed to increase the throughput and repeatability of any manual pipetting application. Have confidence in your diluting and dispensing processes with 99%+ accuracy and a highly inert fluid path for even the most sensitive techniques.

Microlab 600 Diluters

Quickly perform accurate and repeatable dilutions independent of viscosity, vapor pressure, or temperature.

Microlab 600 Dispensers

Dispense a single solution or two solutions independently. Pipette, serial dispense, titrate, or aliquot with confidence.

Microlab 600 Stand Alone Syringe Pumps

Program methods and deploy commands from your PC via Ethernet or RS-232 communication for unparalleled control of your process.