Removable Needle Compression Fittings

The compression fittings and adaptors are designed to connect Hamilton Removable Needle (RN) and Knurled Hub (KH) syringes to Glass Capillary tubing and PEEK tubing. The connectors can be combined in a variety of different configurations to meet most connection needs. Applications include Neuroscience Injections, Patch Clamp, Cell Transplantation, Stem Cell Research, Corrosive Chemical Dispensing, Infusion Pump Injections, and Mass Spectrometry Infusion Pumps.

Glass Needle Compression Fitting

Hamilton's 1 mm compression fitting is ideal for making a low dead volume connection between a glass micro pipette and a precision glass syringe.

PEEK Compression Fitting

Hamilton's 1/16th inch compression fitting is used to make a low dead volume connection between high pressure PEEK tubing and a precision glas syringe.

RN to RN Coupler

The Dual RN Coupler was developed for use with Hamilton Compression fittings. It's primary purpose is to connect PEEK tubing to a metal needle or a glass micro pipette. In general it can be used as a coupler between any two small hub removable needles, fittings, or accessories.

KH to RN Adapter

The KH to RN adapter is designed to adapt PEEK tubing or glass micropipettes to the end of a 7000 series needle. This KH to RN Adapter when combine with the Dual RN Coupler converts the needle to an RN termination that can be further adapted to any small hub removable needle connection.

Priming Kit

The Priming Kit is used to backfill syringes to eliminate compressible air from the system. This is especially useful when the syringe is connected to tubing that exceeds the volume of the syringe.

Priming a Neuroscience Injection Assembly

When we talk to neuroscience customers, a common request is to connect a syringe to a needle with a long piece of tubing in between. For this setup, Hamilton recommends using PEEK tubing and compression fittings to achieve a leak free system.


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