SMART Automation

Automate manual work and create an efficient workflow throughout your lab.


Standardised slide preparation

Benefits of Digital Pathology and the importance of slide preparation.


Prisma Plus Stainer and Film Coverslipping benefits

High throughput and short drying time of film coverslipping enables faster turnaround times.

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Behind every sample, tissue block and slide, lies a unique story. That of a person – young or old, woman or man, grandmother or son – who’s anxiously awaiting their diagnosis. Because when you’re waiting for results, every day, hour, and minute counts. Sakura’s mission is to constantly advance cancer diagnostics in anatomical pathology. We understand the necessity to enhance the efficiency of the current diagnostic processes and minimise the impact on people’s lives.

We are determined to make tomorrow’s reality possible today by delivering the best solutions in the market. Smarter solutions and client-driven services that empower pathology professionals to deliver accurate and fast diagnoses to optimise treatment success for each life we touch.

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