AutoWrite Cassette Printer

Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® Cassette Printer

Implement the Tissue-Tek® AutoWrite® cassette writer to complement your Sakura SMART Automation instruments in the lab. Experience the convenience of fully automated and reliable cassette labelling.

Our stacked Tissue-Tek® cassettes give you high-quality printing and convenient loading

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A fully automated and reliable labelling cassette printer

  • Gain high-quality fast labelling and ease of use with the auto printing function
  • Print various cassette types and colours simultaneously load 6 magazines with 80 cassettes each
  • Ensure reliable and easy identification thanks to our one- or two-dimensional bar coding
  • Load all types and colours of stacked cassettes quickly and conveniently
  • Unload up to 100 cassettes at a time with our easy unloading station
  • Print continuously throughout the day and make time for other tasks

Optimise identification results. Label print your Tissue-Tek®Paraform® Sectionable Cassette System


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