The Concept

Prepare Your Laboratory for Tomorrow

SMART Automation is designed to automate manual work and to create an efficient flow of work through your lab.

With SMART Automation you’ll attain a higher quality diagnostic process, consistent results, and a reduction in rework.

Enjoy a more relaxed work atmosphere with increased efficiency and output.

Shortage of staff

Rising cancer cases

Demand for high quality result

Increased demand for standardisation

It’s Time to Make a
Change for a Better Future

Pathologists, technicians and their laboratories are facing more and more challenges each day. Wth a growing population in size and age, we see a worrying increase in cancer cases globally.

To overcome these challenges, we have developed SMART Automation: increased productivity, with a faster turn-around tume at the highest level of diagnostic accuracy.

 30% increased productivity

 67% reduction in turn around time

 No more backlogs

 Ability to start diagnosing at any time

A Closer Look

Say no to backlogs and yes to continuous flow.

Automating Manual Work

No need to stay at the instruments

Time to spend on other tasks

Products can be loaded and unloaded any time

Creating Continuous Flow

Small volumes

Continuous flow

Pull instead of push

Steady beat of cases

Work simultaneously at all workstation

Standardised Results

Consistence performance due to automated instruments

Every result is the same, time by time again

No variations and deviations in the process

Delivering High Quality Results

Consistent quality level due to automated instruments

Sakura instruments, Sakura consumables and Sakura Services gurantee high quality results

Automation prevents operating errors

A working environment with no stress and pressure has a positive impact on the quality

The Start of SMART

Our Instruments

Let the Sakura SMART Automation instruments do all the work, so you can focus on what matters. It begins with a processing cycle that continuously delivers small processing volumes. The flow steadily continues with automated embedding, microtomy, staining and coverslipping.

Our Consumables

Sakura consumables ensure convenient and optimal use of our instruments and guarantee the quality of your results.

Sakura Services

With our solutions and best-in-class customer care we enhance your laboratory’s efficiency and quality.