Tissue Processor

  • Histo-Tek VP1 automatically performs in a single processing retort a series of tissue processing steps including fixation, dehydration, defatting and paraffin infiltration, to prepare pathological samples for histological studies and tests conducted in the fields of pathology, anatomy, clinical pathology, etc.
  •   Up to 300 Tissue-Tek Uni-cassettes <standard> containing specimens can be processed in a single cycle.
  •   Up to 10 tissue processing programs can be registered/managed.
  •   With the delayed start function, you can set the instrument to wait and start tissue processing so that it will be finished at the specified date and time.
  •   With the automatic transfer function, you can let the instrument transfer reagents automatically instead of operators performing transfers manually.
  •   The bottle connection check function lets you check the connection of Reagent bottles with ease.
  •   The warm water flush function allows for cleaning of the retort and tubing circuit with warm water in a single operation.
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