Manual Slide Staining Set


The Manual Slide Staining Set can be used for histological or cytological staining procedures. The set provides simultaneous use of up to 12 solution wells, each deep enough to permit total immersion of 2.5 to 7.6 cm slides. The tamped metal frame is solvent-resistant, with a snap-locking cover that prevents spills. Ten white polypropylene dishes and two green solvent-resistant dishes are included.
Tight-fitting lids for each solution dish help eliminate evaporation. Comes complete with 12 dishes and lids, a 12-unit metal carrier and a drain tray cover.
Accessories for the Tissue-Tek Manual Slide Staining Set include green and white staining dishes and a 24-Slide Holder with detachable handle.

Technical Details

Item Description

  • 4451 Manual Slide Staining Set
  • 4456 Staining Dish Green
  • 4457 Staining Dish White
  • 4465 24-Slide Slide Holder with Detachable Handle
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