Microtome/Cryostat Motorized


The Tissue-Tek Cryo3 Flex is the 3rd generation of the trusted Cryo3 platform for fast sectioning of frozen tissue specimens. This cryostat is equipped with new, innovative features designed to get complete sections faster and to preserve valuable tissue.

The Tissue-Tek® Cryo3® Plus is the first instrument on the market providing a high quality auto disinfection system. This advanced system disinfects the surfaces inside the cryo chamber in approximately 75 minutes, using a high concentration of ozone, without leaving debris.

The instrument can also be delivered with a motorised microtome, to intermittently or continuously section specimens as selected by the operator.

Technical Details
  • Dimensions W x D x H 60,4 x 75,4 x 119,4 cm
  • Weight 173 kg
  • Chamber temperature range -35°C to 0°C
  • Cryobar temperature -50°C minimum (Cryo+ section)
  • Sectioning speed range:
    • Maximum: 28 sections per minute
    • Minimum: 2 sections per minute
    • Specimen size round 26, 36 and 55 mm
    • Specimen orientation 8° to 10° (x and y axis), 360° (z axis)
    • Sectioning range 1 to 99 µ in 1 µ increments
  • Travel range
    • Vertical 63 mm
    • Horizontal 25,4 mm
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