Multi Channel Pipettes

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With the multi-channel pipettes you have the option of either a 5 µL – 50 µL or 30 µL – 300 µL in both the 8 and 12-channels. With the unique, long tip ejector lever and movable lower body can be rotated a full 360° relative to the handle to provide maximum comfort for left- or right-handed use. The isolated volume adjustment makes it so there’s no need for a locking mechanism to prevent accidental volume adjustment. Our new generation of pipettes has a dual indicator that improves the volume adjustment accuracy by removing the parallax errors. SoftGrip pipettes have a universal calibration key that reduces the need for costly calibration services. Calibration requires only minutes to perform and eliminates the downtime and cost of alternative calibration methods. The SoftGrip tip nozzle ensures a proper fit with universal pipette tips. Unique color coding and labeling clearly indicates the working ranges of the adjustable volume pipettes.


Technical Details

Adjustable volume pipette settings

Pipette Volume 2 µL 10 µL 25 µL 50 µL 100 µL 150 µL 300 µL 1 mL
Color Aqua Purple Forest Green Sandstone Violet Ochre Brick Red Sky Blue
Recommended Volume Range 0.2-2 µL 1-10 µL 2.5-25 µL 5-50 µL 10-100 µL 15-150 µL 30-300 µL 0.100-1 mL
100% Volume Setting 2.000 µL 10.00 µL 25.00 µL 50.00 µL 100.0 µL 150.0 µL 300.0 µL 1 mL
10% Volume Setting 0.200 µL 1.00 µL 2.50 µL 5.00 µL 10.0 µL 15.0 µL 30.0 µL 0.100 mL
Smallest Increment of Vernier Scale* 0.002 µL 0.02 µL 0.02 µL 0.02 µL 0.2 µL 0.2 µL 0.2 µL 0.002 mL

*Although these settings are attainable, for best results we suggest you use your pipette only within the recommended volume range.

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